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Real California
Who can use our seal?

The following is a list of California cheesemakers (and other contacts) who are authorized to use the Real California Milk® seal. Seal use is regulated by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), an instrumentality of the California Department of Food & Agriculture, as a way of certifying that consumers are purchasing natural cheese made exclusively with California milk.

All cheesemakers using the seal have undergone a special inspection by the CMAB. Cheeses listed here are representative, but not inclusive, as new cheeses are being produced by California cheese makers on a regular basis. Foodservice distributor partners also produce private label cheese brands made with Real California Milk that may not carry the RCM seal and may not be represented on this list. Please send any questions to AskRealCaliforniaMilk@cmab.net.

Visit some of our Real California cheesemakers for yourself, with our handy cheese trail map.

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